Feminism | Posted by Chloe H on 12/9/2013

The Problem With Mean Girls

The vast majority of us are familiar with the movie Mean Girls (written by the amazing Tina Fey). Although the film has the quintessential embellishments of most chick flicks, it also sheds light on the difficulty teenage girls face not just with their parents or boys, but with each other, even with their “best” friends. But you hardly need to watch Mean Girls to witness or experience female aggression. According to a recent New York Times Article, “The existence of female competition may seem obvious to anyone who has been in a high-school cafeteria or a singles bar, but analyzing it has been difficult because it tends be more subtle and indirect (and a lot less violent) than the male variety.” We all know that this sinister ambiance is …

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Feminism | Posted by Anna D on 10/31/2011

We Love the Female Orgasm! Do You?

Starting college is pretty exciting; everyone’s meeting new friends, getting the hang of their classes, and, if they’re lucky, learning about female orgasm. A few weeks ago, my college’s Sexual Health Educators brought the program “I Love the Female Orgasm” to our student body. After seeing the attention-grabbing posters around campus, my roommate and I went to the event, not quite sure what to expect. What we ended up seeing was an in-depth presentation on female sexuality and its relation to society. The presenters, Rachel Dart and Marshall Miller (co-author of I Love the Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide with Dorian Solot), explored a variety of subjects and asked the audience about our opinions. It was exciting that such an under-discussed, even taboo, subject was being discussed openly; students …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 07/11/2011

In Defense of Female Friends

my friends and me. guess which one is going to kill me for posting this =P

my friends and me. guess which one is going to kill me for posting this?

People always ask me if being a teen feminist in high school made it difficult for me socially. I always respond that it didn’t really matter. Sure, I got the annoying comments from guys and girls in my school alike, who largely had no idea what the hell I was always going on about. But of all things (and there are a lot, I’m weird for a variety of reasons) what really made things difficult for me socially in high school was the fact that I chose to be a part of a really close group of all-female friends.

In high school, I had (still have) a group of best friends and everybody else thought …

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Feminism | Posted by Alexa S on 05/4/2011

In Defense of Comprehensive Sex Education

A very hot-button issue that has brought feminists to the forefront is comprehensive sex education. It is something that Jessica Valenti defends vehemently in the notable Full Frontal Feminism, and that many teens have written passionately about here on the F-Bomb. As someone who believes that ignorance should be avoided at all times and that the current state of education is largely condescending to high school students, I have always been on the defensive side on this issue as well.

In the past month, I have experienced sex ed at my public high school, and my defense of comprehensive sex education has become infinitely more fervid. The majority of my friends, including the three that I spend my health class with, are virgins. Out of the four of us, none …

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Feminism | Posted by A. on 03/23/2011

What Exactly Are We Saying? An Analysis of Today’s Derogatory Slang for Girls

the three words that will make her cry

the three words that will make her cry

There are lots of dirty words reserved for females, particularly those of high school age. But there are three words that, arguably, epitomize them all. Some are considered to be profane; others are not. As has been shouted down many a junior high hallway: “You are just a fat, slutty, lesbian.” This is enough to make some girls cry, others defiant. Still, they have an immeasurably notable effect on girls of this generation as a whole.

“Being” one of these words is, essentially, one of the worst things a teen girl could be branded as. Many of these words are used also as terms of endearment amongst certain clans of females; others find them dreadfully offensive. The words’ meanings fluctuate extremely based …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Helen H on 01/28/2010

The Mean Girls Reality

Mean Girls: not always the truth

Mean Girls: not always the truth

It may have been my simplistic seven-year-old view of the world that made me categorize everyone into ‘good’ and ‘bad’, but I soon got over it with the help of time, and even things like movies. Still, there was one kind of movie that never seemed to stretch that idea of good and bad, that always seemed to use the same archetypes, and frankly, that scared me.

Yes, I’m talking about the high school flick.The protagonist? The new girl, warm-hearted, pretty, smart. The antagonist? A typically blonde, vapid creature, who is usually captain of the cheerleading squad and always vain. Most of the time, the plots aren’t too creative either–our evil, sputtering antagonist realizes that new girl is a threat to her popularity, especially …

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 08/14/2009

Megan Fox’s PSA and Diablo Cody in Bust

Okay, I know there are a lot of you that hate Megan Fox. That was evident from the comments on this post. A lot of valid points, I might add, even though I still like that quote itself. I really did reconsider my initial opinion that Fox was just fighting back the disgustingly rampant objectification of her in the media. I think she may attempt to capitalize on her sex appeal while at the same time rejecting it. I also think she may not have a freaking clue about what she's saying and just talks, like most celebrities do.

Either way, I don't actually care that much about Megan Fox. She will probably be irrelevant in a few years no matter what. What I do want to talk about is this new "PSA" for Jennifer's Body. Warning: Vulgar Language (!!OHNO!!!) in vid. Who thinks that Megan Fox, with her face and body so vastly accepted as beautiful, doesn't actually know shit about being different? I do! I do! But, meh, this "PSA" is still pretty clever, and after reading Diablo Cody's interview in Bust Magazine this month, I'm really intrigued by Jennifer's Body. There seem to be some clear pros and cons about this female-centric horror flick.

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 07/8/2009

I Know You’re Not 15


they havent been in high school since ponchos were in style

they haven't been in high school since ponchos were in style


Mean Girls. She’s the Man. Romeo + Juliet. Stick It. 10 Things I Hate About You. High School Musical 2 and 3. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Bring It On. John Tucker Must Die. Princess Diaries. Dude Where’s My Car? So, so many more. 


All of these actors are basically filing for social security and I’m still supposed to believe they’re sophomores or juniors in high school?


My question is why, if there are millions of teenage actresses and actors who are capable of starring in these movies, and who are probably more talented than some of these dumb-asses, are 30 years olds being cast as 14 years old? Note to the casting agencies: we’re not exactly fooled …

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