Feminism | Posted by Chloe H on 07/5/2017

An Interview With Internship Expert Emily White

Emily White's 'Interning 101'

Emily White’s ‘Interning 101′

Emily White is a respected leader in both the music and sports industries. She launched her first company Whitesmith Entertainment in 2009 and has overseen the careers of various musicians and comedians who went on to create Grammy-nominated albums and Emmy Award-Winning writing. White also works with some of the best athletes in the world through her tech startup, Dreamfuel.

White is a strong proponent of internships and attributes much of her current success to her internship experiences. White’s new book Interning 101 is a concise but thorough guide to being an intern and a college student.  With a combination of personal anecdotes and practical key takeaways, Interning 101 is a useful tool for anyone trying to find success in an internship.

White recently talked to …

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Feminism | Posted by Maddy Rasmussen on 06/30/2017

This Teen Created An Abortion Map To Tackle Accessibility

Credit: Maddy Rasmussen

Credit: Maddy Rasmussen

Abortion. It’s a word that historically has not  been spoken very loudly, but rather quietly murmured from one woman to the next. Over the years, however, these murmurs have turned into yells; women have demanded and continue to demand that their voices are heard. Those voices were what that encouraged me to add my own.

I have always had a strong passion for women’s rights, and when I got the opportunity to intern at the organization Legal Voice, I knew I’d found the perfect place to foster it. The staff of Legal Voice talked about abortion in terms I hadn’t heard it discussed before. At Legal Voice, abortion was spoken about loudly and clearly. I was intrigued and wanted to contribute to that conversation.

My research revealed …

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Feminism | Posted by Chloe H on 06/28/2017

Being An Ally At Pride


I have lived in the Bay Area for the past two years since starting college at UC Berkeley, and have attended two San Francisco Pride Parades. I love going to our Pride, which is the largest gathering of the LGBTQ community and allies in the nation: 6.2 percent of San Franciscans identify as LGBTQ, which is 2.6 percentage points higher than the national average. The energy and excitement of the day is felt throughout the entire Bay Area. The streets are filled with traffic, and public transit brims with happy people wearing colorful makeup and costumes (or no clothes at all). My friends from UC Berkeley and I wear rainbow-colored clothing and flowers in our hair, and put glitter on our faces. Some have even used the opportunity and …

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Zeilinger on 06/26/2017

Student Loan Debt Is A Feminist Issue

The truth about women and debt

While sifting through the simmering remains of the 2016 election, liberals have seemed a little too, oh, distracted to fully interrogate the issues millennials most vocally supported while Trump’s bid for president was still being covered as entertainment. To be fair, a man with both the physical hue and intellectual capacity of Sunny D has the nuclear codes; investigating and critiquing the threat he and his parade of equally incompetent minions pose to the basic preservation of democracy has occupied the time of many of those who normally fight more systemic issues of inequality. But while avoiding our nation’s immediate destruction is a valuable effort, we also need to focus on the barriers young people will still face should we manage to avoid such …

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Feminism | Posted by Farha Khalidi on 06/23/2017

The Invisibility of Muslim Girls and Women Must End

Art by @nerdybrownkid

Art by @nerdybrownkid

This past week, a teenage girl identified as Nabra Hassanen was brutally murdered. She was attacked on her way home—assaulted by a man with a gun, beaten with a metal bat, and discarded into a body of water. Before she was attacked,  Hassanen was leaving her mosque, a Muslim place of worship, during the week of Ramadan, and wearing her hijab. What should be mundane details about this young women instead suggest that Nabra’s murder was a hate crime and that her perpetrator’s actions and beliefs were rooted in sheer ignorance and resentment.

In this particular, tragic instance, one Muslim girl was killed. But this crime is bigger than Hassanen alone: it is a threat to an entire religion, particularly its women.

Muslim girls and women …

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Graves on 06/16/2017

Why We Must Stop The Texas Bathroom Ban

These bans are about so much more than bathrooms.

Talking to people in my home state of Texas about policies related to gender identity often feels like screaming at a solid wall of concrete—especially when it comes to policies that curb the rights of transgender individuals. Yet this issue is a dire one: Members of the Texas legislature are currently trying to pass a bathroom bill (House Bill 2899) that would prohibit transgender people from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. This bill was already debated throughout the regular legislative session, but on June 6, Texas Governor Greg Abbott called a special session to revisit it in July.

This bill is nonsensical for many reasons. First, it protects people’s right to discriminate against transgender people based on

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Feminism | Posted by Angela Liu on 06/14/2017

How Trumpcare Will Hurt Women’s Health

We can’t let him legislate our bodies.

May was not a good month for women’s health care. On May 4, a Republican-dominated House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which proposes to tighten existing regulations on contraceptive access and maternity care and to cut Planned Parenthood from the federal budget. On the same day, Trump signed a “religious liberty” executive order that allows organizations to limit their employees’ access to contraception and abortion based on the organization’s faith. Then, on May 23, the administration released its 2018 budget proposal, which Dawn Leguens, the vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, called the “worst budget for women and women’s health in a generation.”

Under Trumpcare, simply being a woman is considered a pre-existing condition.

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Feminism | Posted by Carolyn Luby on 05/24/2017

Experiencing Online Misogyny As A Sexual Assault Survivor

Credit: Carolyn Luby

Credit: Carolyn Luby

I am a woman, a sexual assault survivor, and a feminist—and I am all of these things publicly, on the Internet. A basic Google search will turn up articles I’ve written related to my activism, photos taken of me at activist events and press conferences, and other evidence of my fight against the deliberate indifference universities across the U.S. display towards sexual assault and sexual harassment. That search will also reveal the onslaught of harassment, rape threats, and death threats I have received as a consequence for speaking out.

Many of the top hits for my name are from years back. Perhaps this would suggest that the public assertion of my political views, my personal lived experiences of trauma, my identity, and the massive backlash of harassment …

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