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Blogs You Should Know About: College Femme

College Femme

College Femme

Do you know what a Fauxmance is?

Do you need college-student-affordable vegetarian recipes?

Would you prefer some Janis Joplin playing as you read style tips for your next interview?

We do!

Here at College Femme we’ve created a community of college-aged women (and men!) who get to reflect about their lives and make all our journeys that much easier. Our writers are interested in all sorts of subjects, and so we have articles about school, music, literature, fashion, relationships, college-life, politics, and all sorts of other topics. Everything that’s ever posted up on College Femme boils down to one belief we share: Be More. Be Yourself. Be Beautiful.

We envision a community where we can celebrate ourselves and the potential we have to do great things, and we support each other in the process! This is the goal of College Femme, and since its inception, the freedom and encouragement we give each other has enabled us to bring that vision to life.

Always looking for passionate writers, we are constantly growing and adding new features. If you find something that is missing but would like to share with our family, please contact our Editor Kristyn Potter at editor@collegefemme.com

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  • david @ at 8:13 am, January 22nd, 2011

    From the article “”””Here at College Femme we’ve created a community of college-aged women (and men!)”””

    Ha!Ha!HA! oh that’s good, “AND MEN!” He, He, He. Oh stop it, your killing me with that one, ho, ho ho, “And MEN!!! , -you sure know how to tell a joke! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard for years! What jokesters you femmes are, …-“And Men.”

  • hades @ at 10:38 pm, January 22nd, 2011

    Ugh, they disabled right mouse clicking. Goddamn that’s annoying.

  • Tessa @ at 6:03 pm, January 24th, 2011

    Sounds like an awesome site! I’ll definitely be checking it out, especially since I’ll be graduating from high school in a few months :)

    P.S. why are offensive comments (*cough* david *cough*) not being moderated?

  • David @ at 6:59 pm, January 24th, 2011

    Tessa, I’m a little embarrassed, I didn’t consider my remarks offensive but I can see where I went over the top to make fun of the post. As a guest here and out of respect for the site, I will act more appropriately from now on.

  • Joanna @ at 9:56 pm, January 24th, 2011

    Considering there are highly straight men WRITING for the magazine as well as reading it on a regular basis I’d say “and men” is extremely appropriate. CollegeFemme is clearly centered on women but men could stand to branch out a little from their testosterone-run world and learn about something outside of themselves for a change.

  • David @ at 9:45 am, January 28th, 2011

    Joanna I am learning about something, as you say, “outside myself” by reading this blog and posts from people like yourself.
    What I’m learning is how combative this can become even if that wasn’t ones intention for being here. For myself I am going to put the combativeness aside because I don’t have a problem with most of feminisms. What I do believe is that feminisms have won all that they fought for and they are now in the process of burning down Alexandria.

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